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The Worlds First Healthy Energy Drink Just Got Healthier! We’ve added the New Zealand Black Currant to our DrinkACT Energy formula to provide additional nutrition.

High Antioxidant Content
Promotes A Healthy Cardiovascular System
Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels
Promotes A Healthy Immune System
Naturally Nutrient Rich
Contains Four Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges
Contains Twice The Potassium Of Bananas
Healthy Dose Of Fiber
Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids
0987 Convenient On The Go Packets – Just Add Water!


Building a Youngevity distribution business can be as exhilarating as it is lucrative. But like all businesses, if you want to win at Youngevity, you’ll need to know the rules and play by them.

Your Youngevity business is NOT about a few people doing a lot, it’s about a LOT OF PEOPLE doing some. You can get paid at Youngevity every time a person inside of your distribution network purchases a Youngevity product. Whether it is one of your business builders, a pure customers or one of your business builder’s customers, every time a purchase is made through your distribution network, you have the opportunity to get paid! It’s an “Internal Consumption Model” and it is powerful.

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